Historic Origins: Dawoodpur Garrison to Lawrencepur Mills (Late 19th Century - 1954)

In the late 19th century, during British rule, Sir John Lawrence, the military commander of the frontier province, established a military garrison at Dawoodpur to safeguard the borders of British India from the formidable Afghans. Two years post the 1947 independence from British rule, this garrison transformed into the Lawrencepur Woolen and Textile Mills, officially commencing operations in 1954.

Legacy of Elegance: Lawrencepur's Evolution into a Fashion Retail Powerhouse (1954 - Present)

Since its establishment in 1954, Lawrencepur has been a pioneer in refined attire and stands as the sole mill in the country with a consistent track record of producing high-quality wool and wool-blended fabrics. In 1992, Lawrencepur further expanded its operations to encompass garment manufacturing, aiming to offer customers not only quality fabrics but also value-added garments. As of today, Lawrencepur stands as a notable player in the Fashion Retail Industry of Pakistan with its Strong foothold in Retail Network across the country. Furthermore, in response to the growing influence of E-Commerce, Lawrencepur has extended its product distribution globally, broadening its horizons even further.

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